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ESports Explosion
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Curiously absent in the recent and gigantic uptick of eSports enthusiasm in America, are sports video games. League of Legends' world championship sold out Staples Center and drew more viewership than The Masters in 2o13, but games such as Madden, FIFA and NBA 2K have not yet begun to approach that level of attracting spectators.

EA Sports
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Despite EA Sports recently reviving the Madden Challenge on a smaller scale and announcing a specific eSports focus, the road to establishing a spot for Madden and other sports games with the League of Legends and DOTA 3′s of the world is still a long one.

Sony Computer Entertainment

Sony Computer Entertainment is now called Sony Interactive Entertainment

Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. and adjacent businesses, dealing with / of PlayStation products, they changed the name to Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC. :
Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. - now Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc. He is President Andrew House.
Sony Computer Entertainment America LLC. - America is now Sony Interactive Entertainment, LLC. President Shawn Layden is.
Sony Computer Entertainment Europe Ltd. Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe is now, Ltd. President Jim Ryan.

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Asia is now Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan Asia. Is President Atsushi Morita.